The Compulsive Reader: 5 Quick Questions with Ivy Devlin!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Quick Questions with Ivy Devlin!

Hello everyone!

Last month, Ivy Devlin's book Low Red Moon was released. It's another supernatural with werewolves, but at its heart, it's really a murder mystery and story of grief. You can read my review here!

Ivy was kind enough to take a few minutes and answer 5 quick questions!

What inspired you to write about Avery and her life in such a small town?

ID: The fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood--Low Red Moon is my take on that!

What drew you to writing about werewolves?

ID: I wanted to write a take on Little Red Riding Hood and then--bam! I knew what I had to do.

Was writing Low Red Moon a unique writing experience for you?

ID: Yes!

Do you plan on writing any more supernatural books?

ID: I hope so!

What book have you recently read that you'd like to recommend to readers?

ID: 61 Hours by Lee Child--great, excellently built suspense.

Thanks, Ivy! Be sure you look for a sequel to Low Red Moon out in early 2012!

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