The Compulsive Reader: Cover Talk: Wait, Do These Werewolves Sparkle?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cover Talk: Wait, Do These Werewolves Sparkle?

So, the cover for Wolfsbane, the Andrea Cremer sequel, was released this week, and if it's anything like the Nightshade cover, then it can also serve as a flashlight in addition to entertaining you.

Okay, but all joking aside, I do like it. I was hoping that it would have some new colors, but also maintain the ethereal, supernatural, eye-popping quality of the first cover. They've done an excellent job, and I especially like that this title treatment is dripping blood as well. (And wow, what a morbid sentence...) Oh, and here's a secret: I like sparkly things. say what you will about Twilight, but the shimmery paper it's printed on drove me to distraction.

This being said, I actually still have not read Nightshade. I got a signed finished copy at GLIBA a month ago, so I guess I should get on that, eh? Shanyn from chickloveslit.com really likes it, and seeing as she and I usually like the same things (except for the part where she is delusional and doesn't like historical fiction), chances are that I'll come back here later an Andrea Cremer fan girl. 

What do you all think?


Caroline said...

I love the cover! The cover for Nightshade was gorgeous, but I'm not one for purple, green's more my shade, so this cover is absolutely perfection in my opinion. And I love how the blood is dripping from Wolfsbane as well.
-Caroline, Words & Whispers

Katie (Bookishly Yours) said...

I could seriously look at the cover for Nightshade for hours. I love it that much (and the book itself is fantastic, in my opinion) and this one is just as nice. But I find Nightshade actually looks better when you see it in person rather than as a picture online.

Katie @ Bookishly Yours

Jessica said...

OMG! I can't believe you haven't read "Nightshade" yet. Not only is the cover beautiful and it has the cool uneven page edges, but it is an awesome book! You need to read your copy ASAP....then you'll be even more stoked for "Wolfsbane."

Lauren said...


I just read this last week - it's really really good. Not standard werewolf fare at all, but the world is built really strongly. You must read it.

If you look at the T in Nightshade and the F in Wolfsbane, it's a certain non-symmetrical cross that comes into play in the books...

Shanyn said...

HEY !!!!

Midnyte Reader said...

I like both covers but they seem so different in moods, almost like they are 2 different girls. Maybe in a way they are.

I couldn't put Nightshade down, you should definitely read it.

Michelle said...

I just finished Nightshade this week and it was fantastic. You should pick it up soon if you can. The second book looks to be just as wonderful given where the first left off.