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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Nerd Freak Out!

As a book nerd, I am prone to having random episode of extreme excitement concerning very cool things with books. They usually occur in bookstores, where this sort of behavior is a usual sight, or while I am blogging, which happens at home, where everyone is used to it. Tonight though, I was sitting in the theater, finally getting around to watching the Harry Potter movie (it was good, but you know...still a movie). I was texting (yes, I was THAT stereotypical person) because it was those weird commercials before the previews, which is so lame. But then this jazz music came on, which was nifty, so I finally looked up, and I SAW THIS:

So I freaked out.

I only caught the tail end of it (darn that enticing text!) so I looked it up on YouTube, and it's a pretty awesome trailer, I must say! I have always been a huge historical fiction fan, and one thing that is seriously lacking is books set in the early twentieth century prior to World War II, so I am excited about the release of Bright Young Things and Vixen, and Libba Bray's new series. Plus, Vixen's tagline? Anything Goes! Oh my word, I am in LOVE! (For those of you who haven't a clue as to what I am talking about, Anything Goes is a musical you simply must look up!)

Anyway, so these freak outs usually hit me when I am without any fellow book-ish people, so of course I tweeted, and got a HUGE response from a lot of readers who have also seen book trailers while at the movies. I have heard about books with larger marketing budgets getting the silver screen trailer treatment, but since I never saw any for myself, I just assumed that it was something exclusive to big city theaters, not tiny cinemas in my podunk town. I'm happy to say that I was wrong...and I have heard that this Penguin video has appeared on TV! Isn't that cool?

What about you, have you seen any book trailers on TV or at the theaters? (And, um, NO, the ubiquitous James Patterson trailers do not count!)

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Melanie said...

Seeing the Fallen trailer right before I watched Eclipse was pretty awesome!

I saw the Vixen trailer this weekend at the movies as well. Totally geeked out. Sounds like an amazing book!