The Compulsive Reader: Kindle Fashion

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kindle Fashion

You might have heard once or twice about how I recently acquired a Kindle...and I love it. I always have something to read on it and I take it with me absolutely everywhere--work, class, while running errands. It's very convenient to just slip it in my purse and go because it's so lightweight and thin. But, there are also downsides to that...I worry about it being damaged or scratched while rattling around in various bags. So, enter the New Yorker Kindle jacket.

I shopped around a lot before settling on this one, and I'll admit, the design of the dogwood blossoms really drew me to this jacket, and even though I don't read the New Yorker on a regular basis (have you seen how much a subscription costs?), it does make me feel a bit sophisticated. It's pretty, light, and it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the Kindle, but it's also durable, and that's what really counts. The Kindle fits into it very well, and is secured to the rigid cover by corner straps. The bottom two are made out of some sort of faux-leather to secure it into place, and the top two corner strap have a little bit of elastic to allow it to fit the Kindle perfectly. These straps hardly take up any space (which is nice, because I hate it when those things encroach on my device!), yet the Kindle doesn't slide around at all, and it is in no danger of falling out of place.

The interior is made out of a soft, almost fleece-like fabric, while the front cover is a stain resistant fabric with the image printed directly on to it. The back and the spine is a coordinating brown leather-like material. It's very easy to keep clean, and very sturdy, yet flexible. I can easily bend back the front cover and fold it behind the Kindle while reading. I have no qualms about slipping my Kindle into a bag full of books and other miscellaneous items and I don't worry about it getting scratched or damaged.

The cover doesn't fall open very often, which is good because it doesn't come with a closure of any sort. However, keeping it shut hasn't been an issue for me, so it's not a deal-breaker when it comes to this cover. It also comes with a little sleeve to mount an M-Edge book light, which I do not have. At $20, it's a little pricey for me, and I don't feel the need for it yet, but I might opt for one in the future.

My only wish with this cover is that the opposite flap came with some sort of pocket. I take a lot of notes while reading (outside of my Kindle's note-taking feature), and with regular books, I'd just use the index cards as a bookmark. However, I've found that slipping the cards behind my Kindle isn't always so secure.

The cost, $40, is not the most expensive I've seen Kindle covers, but it's not the cheapest either. It was a little bit of a splurge for me, but well worth the peace of mind, ease, and convenience that this cover affords me when it comes to using my Kindle--I can't imagine what's I'd do without it. However, it only fits the latest generation of Kindles (third).

The best part is, this cover comes in a total of five great New Yorker cover designs, some book-ish and some not, so there really is a style for everyone! Check it out!

Let me know if you have any specific questions about this cover! I really love it so much, I might even think about getting another one of the same with a different design, just to spice things up a bit!


Anonymous said...

I love this! It's so great.

geekgirl said...

They're gorgeous, and when I finally snap and buy a Kindle, I know I'm gonna want one so bad...but I've looked into it, and they don't ship to Canada.