The Compulsive Reader: Prom and Prejudice Contest Winners!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Prom and Prejudice Contest Winners!

Last night we had a blast on Twitter talking about Prom and Prejudice, Elizabeth Eulberg's latest book, prom, Mr. Darcy, style, and favorite classics! I just want to thank everyone who came--it was very fun and entertaining, and I laughed a lot!

If you were there last night and responded to any of my contest questions, here are the winners!

Signed copy of Prom & Prejudice – @darcy1956

$30 iTunes gift card – @cialina

Pride & Prejudice Prize Pack – @TM_QueenJane

$20 Urban Outfitters gift card -- @jessyabookobssd

$25 Fandango gift card – @finklv

Email bighonchomedia@gmail.com with your name, Twitter handle, and mailing address to claim your prize!

Thanks for attending!


Jessica said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for hosting the party. It was fun!!

DarcyO said...

Thanks so much for the party! Can't believe I won!

Cialina at Muggle-Born.net said...

Wow! Thanks so much. This was a nice surprise. :)