The Compulsive Reader: Reading Rants: March Movie Madness

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reading Rants: March Movie Madness

I've never seen two movies back-to-back in theaters or gone to a movie alone, but March 11th just might be the day I do both of those things, thanks to two awesome literature-inspired movies coming out!

Have I talked about my abiding love for Jane Eyre on this blog? I don't think so. Well, the bottom line is, Jane is one tough chick who refuses to let conventions, men, or true love make her waver from what she believes in, which is pretty awesome, especially for a poor governess in the early 19th century.

So, naturally, when I was watching Tangled over Christmas (which is SO CUTE, and a retelling of a seldom re-told fairy tale, Rapunzel, double win!) and I saw a movie poster for a new movie adaptation of Jane Eyre, I got very, very excited. There is, of course, the hours-long version, which I've been wanting to watch (but alas, neither my library or local Family Video have it, and I have yet to join the rest of the 21st century with a Netflix account). I watched a version on TV from the 60's once, which was hilarious in its awkwardness and faults, and it almost makes me want to watch the 1940's black and white version. Almost.

But, I digress. I am thrilled to see a modern movie adaptation (because Jane Eyre is spooky, and let's be honest here, sometimes for spooky you need fancy, 21st century special effects) that will (hopefully) be good and do the story justice and won't take me the entire day to watch (I love A&E's Pride and Prejudice, but that movie takes commitment! The Keira Knightly version may be slightly abridged, but it's much easier to just pop in and watch).

So, the second movie that is making its debut on the 11th is Red Riding Hood. There is actually a book that was written to go along with the movie that just came out, called (surprisingly) Red Riding Hood. I read it and it wasn't my favorite retelling...I'll post an official review later. But, I've got high hopes for the movie and I know that sometimes stories are better told on screen than on paper (can you imagine reading Inception? I would probably quit after ten pages)...plus, the book was based off the screenplay, and Amanda Seyfried is starring and I have loved her work ever since Mamma Mia!

And then, you know, there's that little obsession I have with all things fairy tale.

On a side note, I read a neat article in USA Today about how re-told fairy tales are going to be popping up a lot in future movies! There's going to be twists on Hansel and Gretal, wicked witches, Oz, and more in the next few years. Yes, yes, yes!

So, what about you? Will you be seeing either of these movies? Or will I be the only weirdo watching these movies alone that Friday night?


Gen_ifer said...

Mhmm! Pride and predjudice is sooo good, as is Janes eyre, get to watching the long version- it is fantastic!

Amie McCracken said...

I can't wait for these either.

Supposedly Disney is doing all of the princess movies in real life soon. So excited for those.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see both these movies. I love both the main actresses.

jayme said...

I can't wait to see Jane Eyre! I'll be there opening night. I love the trailer to this movie--it's spooking and mysterious.

Egads, is it March yet?

As for Red Riding Hood... This is more likely a book I will rent, not go see. I was kinda of put off when I saw the director of Twilight was working with the movie. However, the visuals in the trailer are really cool.

Anonymous said...

I plan on seeing red riding hood

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Jane Eyre! I've seen the Master Piece theater version and it's quite good, btw.

anyway, I love JE and can't wait for it!

About Red Riding Hood, I'm a bit more on the fence, but the trailer made me want to see it. It's the werewolf thing that puts me off a bit.

Natalie said...

Jane Eyre's one of my favorite novels, so I can't wait to see the movie! I haven't seen the hours long mini series either, but I've got it on my list!

Sysha said...

I'm excited for Jane Eyre!! One of my fave books for sure. Not so sure about Red Riding Hood as the trailer gave me a feeling that it will be a rehashed Twilight.

Lauren said...

I'm super excited for Red Riding Hood! I love Amanda Seyfried.

Wicked witches? Oh please oh please make Wicked into a movie so I can see it on demand....