The Compulsive Reader: Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Monday, April 18, 2011

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Ever since the accident that put her sister Tess in a coma, Abby has put her life on hold. She visits Tess in the hospital every day, talking to her, trying to persuade her to wake up. Tess has always been the bright, beautiful, adventurous one, and now that she's gone, Abby doesn’t know what to do. Then one day at the hospital, she spots Eli. Abby is sure that he's exactly the type that Tess would go for, and when he speaks, she sees Tess move slightly. She persuades Eli to sit with her and Tess and talk in an attempt to get her to wake up, but slowly begins to become friends with him. As Abby begins to fall for Eli and is forced to face the possibility of a future without her sister, she discovers secrets about Tess that she never knew.

Between Here and Forever is another sweet and emotional coming-of-age novel, tinged with sorrow. Abby is very insecure in the beginning of the book. She's content to be known as Tess's sister and let her have the spotlight, and when Tess is no longer there, she has a hard time dealing. Her desperation is what brings her to Eli, who is a genuinely good guy struggling with his own problems when he encounters Abby. He puts up with the fact that she is a little dense and can't see that he is attracted to her, not Tess, and they slowly learn to trust each other. Their romance is tentative and heartfelt, and completely satisfying as Eli divulges his struggles to Abby and Abby learns to be honest about how she truly feels with him. However, it's not enough of a distraction to keep the reader from wondering about secrets that Tess held while she was still awake, and the story becomes worthwhile when Abby finally gets up the courage to see the truth about her sister and in that revelation, is able to make peace with her and with herself. Scott's writing is beautiful and incisive, and Between Here and Forever is not to be missed.

Cover Comments: I like the bright sunflower and the vibrant green background! This is a sweet cover, and even though it doesn't really indicate anything about the book at all, it's very pretty and inviting!

This book will be available on May 24th, 2011!

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