The Compulsive Reader: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

Kate has spent the past four years taking care of her mother, who was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of her freshman year of high school. She's skipped school, avoided making friends, and put her life on hold, and now her mother wants to move away from the New York City home and live in Eden, Michigan so she can die in the town she was born in. Kate isn't thrilled about moving, but she'll do anything for her mom. She doesn't mind terribly that everyone in Eden is pretty weird...until a prank goes horribly wrong and the mysterious Henry steps in, offering her a deal she can't refuse and revealing a darker world that could be Kate's...if she can pass the tests.

The Goddess Test is an engaging and creative sort of sequel to the Persephone myth with a lot of inventive little twists. Kate doesn't reach out to others much at all, so it's gratifying to see her tentatively make new friends to help her puzzle over the mystery of Henry's abilities and bargains. Her relationship with her mother is very sweet and heartbreaking as Kate struggles to accept the idea that her mother is dying and she must soon say goodbye. When Kate must move to be with Henry, a whole new set of problems then comes up as her life is in danger and the enemy could be anyone. No one is who they first appear to be in this book, which leaves you hanging in suspense, and Carter cleverly works everything out in the very end with more than a few surprises. Henry and Kate's gradual romance is sweet and realistic, despite the supernatural elements of the story. The ending is satisfying, but Carter leaves it open for a sequel that would be happily welcomed by readers.

Cover Comments: This is such a pretty cover! I love the Greek designs and flair, and the cool, darker colors--very neat!

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@ndone said...

that sounds really good, i loved the percy jackson-series and am looking forward to see how the greek mythology is hadled in this series... thanks for your review!

Ceska said...

The Goddess Test is a refreshing take on Greek myth. History often paints Persephone as the victim. It was interesting to see a take on Hades' version of the story.