The Compulsive Reader: Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Judy Blundell is the National Book Award winner of What I Saw and How I Lied.

Kit Corrigan has always been destined for greater things than a life of drudgery in her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, and she is determined to make it as a star in New York City. Life isn't easy for a young women alone in New York though, so when the father of her ex-boyfriend, Billy, shows up and asks that she move into a nice apartment and wait for Billy to come home from the war, no strings attached, Kit is wary, but she accepts. But there's something about living in that apartment that unnerves her, and when Billy's father starts demanding that she feed him information, she gets nervous. There are secrets that he, her father, and her aunt are hiding, and Kit can either keep investigating, or stay quiet and set herself on a dark path, doomed to repeat her family's past mistakes.

Strings Attached is a dark, edgy, and fascinating read that will pull you right into the shady nightclubs and city life of the early 1950's. Blundell is an excellent writer; she slowly peels back the layers of Kit's life to make the reader clearly see her family's history with Billy's father, the danger involved, the truths that Kit's father and aunt tried to cover up, and what it means for Kit now. Blundell tells this story by moving back and forth between the present and past, giving the reader a comprehensive look at where Kit has come from, the true nature of her tempestuous relationship with Billy and Billy's father, and her struggle to live the life she dreams of having despite her precarious social position and temporary jobs. There are plenty of smart, brave characters in this book, most notably Hank, Kit's neighbor in New York, and the mystery is full of clever twists and surprising turns, with a brilliant, tense, and tragic conclusion that brings everything together perfectly. This smart, incisive, and gripping story about searching for the truth and the consequences of finding it is addictive and a definite must-read.

Cover Comments: I love the glamour and the darkness of this cover! The shadows and the light provide excellent contrast--just perfect!

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Midnight Bloom said...

I absolutely loved Strings Attached! Judy Blundell takes her readers on a journey back in time to another era with her beautiful writing. I was crying by the time I reached its conclusion...

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

This sounds fantastic - new title to me!

Annette Mills said...

Sounds great. I've wanted this one for a while, I really liked What I Saw and How I lied. I think she's a great author... Thanks for the information!

Nise' said...

Reading it right now!