The Compulsive Reader: What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Monday, May 9, 2011

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

When it comes to being the new girl, Mclean is an expert. She's made four moves since her parents' very unpleasant and very public divorce in her hometown two years earlier, and she's tried out a new persona in each place. She already has a new identity planned out for her arrival at Lakeview, but when she meets Dave, somehow her real identity slips out. Dave and his friends are not like the people she's met in the past, and in bonding with them over a shared community service project and the love of college basketball, Mclean is forced to be herself and make peace with her past.

What Happened to Goodbye is a smart, magnetic book about identity, relationships, and love that will make you wish you could crawl between the page and live with the characters in their messy world. Mclean hasn't really bonded with anyone since her parents' divorce, and while she gets along with her dad just fine, her relationship with her mom is tepid at best. Lakeview is full of surprises and unexpected friends, and Mclean is forced to connect with people. She finds a friend in her next-door-neighbor Dave, who is academically brilliant, but not always so social, and becomes friends with Deb, a loner with surprising talents. As she opens her real self up to these friends, she's forced to deal with her mother, who is pushy and seemingly ignorant of her daughter's resentment for her part in the divorce. Between college basketball games, working at her father's new restaurant and building a model replica of Lakeview, Mclean re-learns what it means to get to know someone and works at re-building a relationship she once thought was over and done, all the while fighting the temptation to cut and run when things get hard. A little romantic and very funny, What Happened to Goodbye is an excellent novel about relationships and friendship. Dessen has outdone herself yet again in this complicated, funny, and touching book.

Cover Comments: This cover is just so bright and pretty! I like the light background, and the color of the yellow suitcase and clothes spilling out. The girl standing on top of it is a cool touch. It's fun and a bit girly--very cool!

ARC provided by publisher.

This one comes out tomorrow!


Annette Mills said...

Dessen is certainly talented, and very popular at my library. This sounds like one I definitely need to read. Thanks!

Nise' said...

Looking forward to this one for sure!

Anonymous said...

So Looking forward to this one! YAY! Im glad you liked it!