The Compulsive Reader: Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth Shepard has spent the majority of her life listening to her grandmother and aunt boast about her cousin Charlotte, who inherited the family's time travel gene. Now that she is sixteen, she will make her first journey into the past any day, and the entire family is on edge. Even Gwen is a little curious about the specifics of time traveling, a subject her grandmother rarely goes into detail about. But everyone is in for a shock when it's Gwen who slides through time, not Charlotte. Suddenly the entire family is in an uproar, and Gwen is thrust into a world of a centuries-old secret society, mysterious devices, prophecies, and the mystery of a cousin who has disappeared back into time. With the aloof (and devastatingly handsome) Gideon, Gwyneth will have to decipher the mysteries and figure out where she stands as two powers struggle for control throughout time.

Ruby Red is such a fun, suspenseful, and well-written book! It translates into English wonderfully, and Gwen's character is so charming and likable. She's very witty, a tad sarcastic, and just self-deprecating enough to be realistic. She takes everything in stride isn’t dramatic at all, the polar opposite of most of her family—exactly the sort of character you'd want to be your best friend in real life. The concept of time travelling as an ability that is genetic is very fascinating, and it opens the book up to a lot of family drama as Gier explores Gwyneth's parentage, her relationship with her cousin Charlotte, and her cousin Lucy’s actions that have caused so much tumult. The secret society in this book is very mysterious, and despite what they'd have Gwen to believe, there is a hint of danger in their actions and secrets. Gideon is not the average hero of the story—despite being charming and good-looking, he does look down on Gwen until he gets to know her a bit, which she doesn't take to very well. Their dynamics are fun, and it will be interesting to see where their relationship goes in the next two books. Gier creates a complicated, intriguing web of mysteries in Ruby Red, and unfortunately many questions are left unanswered, which will leave readers desperate for the sequel, Sapphire Blue. With a strong, unique voice this absorbing, unique book is seriously hard to put down!

Cover Comments: I really like the design and look of this cover--it has a classic, fantastical feel to it that I just adore! The only thing I do not like is the photo of the girl--not AT ALL how I imagined Gwen! But, that's just  a personal thing. Otherwise, fantastic cover!

Kindle copy purchased.


Ear plugs disposable said...

I like to read these all the things as its one of the suspenseful story which i like the most.Nice to read these all the things.

Alwyn said...

I keep going back and forth on whether I want to read this but, at the end of the day, FREAKIN' TIME TRAVEL!!!! will sell this to me thanks to my undying Doctor Who Adoration.

Thanks for the review! *adds to amazon cart*

Amy @ Turn the Page said...

I wasn't interested in this one at first but now so many blogs are doing a giveaway of it, I couldn't help but be caught up in the hype! Lol!

It's got time travel - thats enough to make me want to read it! :)

grow lights said...

Ruby Red is a well written story and its fun and the suspenseful book.And i really like these type of stories too much.

Anonymous said...

Decidí leer esta serie gracias a tu recomendación, muchas gracias, ahora no puedo esperar a la publicación de Esmeralda en octubre. Saludos desde México

The Compulsive Reader said...

Anon: Me alegro que te gusta lo! Tu tienes suerte...el libro segundo esta disponible en espanol. Estara disponible en ingles el ano proximo, y yo no puedo esperar tambien! Disfrute!