The Compulsive Reader: Sample Some Sarah Dessen!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sample Some Sarah Dessen!

Sarah Dessen books have been around for as long as I've been reading YA, and I've always known that she's really popular among teen readers. However, despite seeing her titles all over my public library, I didn't pick up one of her books until just four years ago, when the release of Lock and Key made me give in and I picked it up when it came out. After that, I was kicking myself for not reading her books sooner! I've been slowly catching up since then.

If you are kinda interested in starting her books, but aren't ready to commit to buying one, or aren't sure what to start with, then check out this neat sampler below! It has excerpts from Just Listen, Lock and Key, Along for the Ride, and her latest, What Happened to Goodbye! They're all so good, it's hard to say which one is my favorite. Check them out, and I hope you'll become a fan!

Sarah Dessen E-sampler

So tell me--what's your favorite Sarah Dessen book?

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Brahmin in Boston said...

Hmmmm I haven't read all of her books but each of them are unique and have distinct voices. I would say The Truth About Forever, That Summer and Just Listen would be the favorites!

I would strongly recommend you to read those! :)