The Compulsive Reader: Chain Reaction Trailer!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chain Reaction Trailer!

One of the cool things about Simone Elkeles' first two Perfect Chemistry books is that they are not only awesome, but they arrived with good trailers. Perfect Chemistry (my review here) has a bit of an ironic, satirical one, and then the Rules of Attraction (my review here) trailer is like a mini-movie. I have high hopes for the final book in the trilogy, Chain Reaction, which hits stores next month, and I was excited to see the premiere of the trailer on figment.com yesterday! Check it out:

While I like about these trailers is that they aren't like many out there (I mean, they're a little cheesy, but mainly I like that they're a bit sexy...so what, don't hold it against me), and they really get you hyped up for the book. If you're like me and can't wait for Chain Reaction, watch this blog next month for the official Chain Reaction blog tour! It should be fun!

What do you think about these books? Are you a fan? Excited for the final book?


The book girl said...

Those are some fine boys! I've been a little hesitant to read these books, but since I saw the trailers-- let's just say I'm going out to Banres and Noble right now. So excited!

Anonymous said...

rawrow hotty mc hot boys right there
I love the trailer never read the books the reason is because of the language I can't stand bad words or the F word every other page

Anonymous said...

No judgment here. The reason to read these books is because they're a little sexy!

I've been looking forward to this book like . . . well, not Christmas, since I'm Jewish, but Chanukkah.

The trailer certainly made it that much harder to wait!

Amy @ Turn the Page said...

Lol! Ok - that trailer was truly dire (apart from a gorgeous looking Alex, Carlos and Luis anyway) but Im still very excited about this book (and a little sad because no more Fuentes boys!! ) I haven't enjoyed her other books so much so I'll be sad when this series is over.

Brahmin in Boston said...

I am so VERY excited for the book!

The actors (Luis and his girl) were a bit too wet behind the ears but since Alex Fuentes was there I am not complaining. *grin* I loved how they showed the pantyhose-ball slinging!

Ah! Alex will always be my first Fuentes Crush.