The Compulsive Reader: UNrequired Reading Contest!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UNrequired Reading Contest!

Unrequired Reading is what Disney Hyperion is all about this summer, and after long semesters of reading countless books, essays, and poems I am required to analyze and pick apart in class, I am SO with them!

This is their second summer of promoting awesome books that you can relax with, and some of this year's titles are From Bad to Cursed (sequel to Bad Girls Don't Die...read my review here), Uncommon Criminals (sequel to Heist Society...my review here), and The Near Witch, which I totally recommend that you check out.

In the meantime, "Like" their Facebook page for tons of cool news and updates here (especially about Ally Carter's books)!

And...I have a contest for you all! One lucky winner will receive an UNrequired Reading water bottle and a deck of cards. Check it out:

These are AWESOME! I love the deck of cards, and the water bottle is cute and durable. These are perfect to take with you to the beach, pool, park, on a road trip, whatever! 

So, all you have to do enter is fill out this form and let me know what you're reading this summer that ISN'T on your required reading list! This contest will end on July 27th, 2011!


Jessy said...

The cards are really cool. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thea said...

I LOVE those cards!! Do you know if there's any other way to get them? They are awesome! Thanks for the contest. :D