The Compulsive Reader: Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

It's winter break in Ascension, Maine, and there's a lot going on. A social outcast attempts to commit suicide, parties are thrown, and three beautiful, mysterious girls arrive in town. These girls seem to come from nowhere, and they're bent on doling out vengeance to two people: Emily and Chase. Emily's mistake is obvious: not only did she fall for her best friend's boyfriend, but they got together while Gabby was on vacation. Chase's wrongdoings are less evident, but they still haunt him, and he'll go to great lengths to cover them up and forget they ever happened...but the Furies aren't letting either Chase or Emily off the hook. 

Elizabeth Miles has created a foreboding, atmospheric story that will make you think twice about your actions. Fury is told from the points of view of both transgressors, Em and Chase. Miles writes well from both perspectives, creating a well-rounded world in this tiny Maine town and keeping the plot moving at a good pace. Both characters are wonderfully complicated—Chase desires to be talented and successful, and is ashamed of his background, which drives him to do things he isn't always proud of. Emily loves her best friend Gabby, but is beginning to feel like she's living in her shadow, which propels her to make some bad decisions she quickly regrets. Chase remains somewhat of an enigma throughout the book, but Em is an open character whose renewed loyalty to her friends and curiosity force her to investigate these strange girls whose appearance have made her life difficult, and figure out what she can do about them. The alternating viewpoints, the surprising cruelty of the Furies, and the ever-present question of what their endgame is will keep this book moving quickly, and a surprising twist at the very end will keep readers wondering how this trilogy will continue in the second book, Envy. No matter what happens, one thing is certain...you really don't want to piss off the Furies.

Cover Comments: This cover is gorgeous. I love how her hair gives way into flames, and the dress she has on is just stunning. Beautiful.

This book will be released on August 30th, 2011! You can enter to win it here on the blog the entire month of August by simply commenting on any August post. Click here for details.

ARC picked up at Simon and Schuster event.


Anonymous said...

The cover is absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?

Sadly, I couldn't get into this book when I tried to read it :( I don't know why, maybe I just wasn't in the modd.

Ellie (The Reading Girl) said...

I have to admit, the story does intrigue me. I've never read a book about the Furies before, so I can't wait to get my hands on this one! And the cover totally grabs me.

Lauren said...

*shivers* Don't get on the bad side of the mythological power girls!

Anonymous said...

On my 'to-read' stack; I was immediately reminded of Neil Gaiman's Sandman and 'The Kindly Ones' arc.