The Compulsive Reader: After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

Saturday, September 24, 2011

After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel

Aimee has dreams of horrible things that later come true. It's a gift she'd inherited from her late mother, one that her family doesn't talk about. But, for once, there is a dangerous threat that Aimee can't foresee. Her best friend Courtney has become possessed by something, and it is Courtney's cousin, newcomer Alan, who recognizes this. Alan and Aimee are drawn together, and between his Navajo magic and his connection with his spirit guide and Aimee's premonitions, they just might be able to figure out how to save Courtney before the final stage of possession.

After Obsession is an entrancing little book, with a slightly dream-like quality in the midst of the danger and a lovely, atmospheric setting. The book moves rather quickly from the time that Courtney is possessed and Alan moves to town. The friendship between him and Aimee is instantaneous and their intense, knee-weakening romance almost as much so. It provides some good distraction from the fight against the unknown evil possessing Courtney, and heightens the drama. Wedel and Jones really do an excellent job at creeping out the reader as their main characters are plagued by strange scratching noises, terrible smells, weird shadows, friends' odd behavior, and even mysterious deaths in their pursuit of answers. The background stories behind the River Man, how Courtney got involved with him, and his role in Aimee's life were a little light on details, unfortunately. However, Aimee and Alan are both strong narrators and interesting characters, and Alan's Navajo heritage definitely makes this a supernatural thriller that stands out a bit. After Obsession is a nicely creepy read, and just like Courtney's obsession consumes her entire hometown, this novel will consume its readers.

Cover Comments: While the cover really has no bearing on anything that happens in the story, I like it! It's dark, mysterious, and a bit surprising with the way that the girl is positioned. I think it will entice many readers!

ARC picked up at BEA signing!

And be sure to check out this cool trailer! Be prepared to be a little creeped out.

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(Arya) Paige said...

Great review! I recieved a copy and haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I love Carrie Jones's NEED series though. :)