The Compulsive Reader: Dark Days With Anna Carey: Week Three

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dark Days With Anna Carey: Week Three

Welcome to week three of the Dark Days features with Anna Carey! We're counting down the weeks until the release of her book, Eve! If you don't know what Dark Days is, check out their site to see all of the books that are being featured this fall, and click here to see if the authors are coming to a bookstore near you! To learn more about Eve, read my thoughts.

Last week, Anna gave us character profiles of a supporting character and the male lead. Today, we have a character profile for our heroine and someone she tries to avoid...read on to learn more! (Click here to read last week's feature, and here to read the first feature, an exclusive interview with Anna!)


Leif has learned that intimidating the boys at camp is the best way to get them to do what he wants. He’s physically much bigger than everyone else and uses this to bully the younger boys. He’s easily set off by anyone or anything he perceives as a threat to his power. He’s never loved anyone other than his family—two parents who died in the plague and a twin brother who was murdered in the labor camps. Though he cares for the boys in a brotherly way, he keeps to himself and sometimes feels burdened by having to watch out for them. He is both threatened and intrigued by Eve and Arden, and secretly believes Eve is interested in him more than Caleb.


Ever since she’s left School Eve has been trying to figure out what the truth is—about the world outside the walls, about the “dangers of boys and men” and her place in the New America. Though not everything about the Teacher’s assertions felt entirely true, Eve believed, perhaps naively, in the curriculum at School, and thrived in the safe, sheltered environment. Now that she’s beyond the wall she’s questioning everything. Drawn to Caleb, but held back by what she’s learned, she’s struggling to break free of her past. 

Check back next week, on Eve's release date, for the final feature from Anna! You can be ready for the release by pre-ordering your copy here!

Also, check out this Dary Days fall teaser! Love it!

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