The Compulsive Reader: Dark Days With Anna Carey: Week Two

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dark Days With Anna Carey: Week Two

Every Tuesday between now and October 4th, the release date of Anna Carey's debut novel Eve, I'm teaming up with HarperTeen's Dark Days and Anna Carey to bring you some fun Eve-themed features! If you aren't familiar with Dark Days, check out their site and the books that are being featured this fall, and click here to see if the authors are coming to a bookstore near you!

If you'd like to see my thoughts about this cool dystopian read, click here.

Today, Anna Carey has written up some character profiles for a supporting character and the male lead to give us a taste of what may go on in the book. Click here to read last week's feature, an exclusive interview with Anna about her writing process.


Because Arden came to School later than most of the girls in her class, she’s always been an outsider. Smart and naturally rebellious, she’s felt oppressed by the School, the Teachers, the curriculum, and all the rules, from day one. Her self imposed isolation and her belief that she is NOT like the rest of the girls in her class has, in some ways, kept her safe. She thinks for herself. She has less to lose by leaving. Used to being alone, Arden hates the thought of getting close to Eve, and is secretly terrified of depending on anyone. She’s determined to survive, to never become a sow, and her friendship with Eve opens her up in a new way.


As one of the leader’s of the boy’s camp, Caleb has gotten used to pretending he isn’t scared when he is, pretending there’s enough food for the week when there isn’t, pretending he isn’t hungry so others will eat. As an older brother figure, he’s gotten used to sacrifice. Smart, resourceful, and self taught, Caleb has continued to grow and learn even though every day his main focus is survival. When he meets Eve he’s just as startled by her as she is by him, but he’d never show it. Throughout their relationship he takes a quiet stance, often studying her like he would one of his books, trying to look for meaning in what she says and does, every slight tilt of her head or the way her cheeks flush when she’s around him. 

Check back in next Tuesday for more special features! And don't forget to pre-order Eve!

And be sure to check out this neat teaser video for this fall's Dark Days books!

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