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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shelf Discovery: The Nobodies Album

Shelf Discovery is a feature in which I highlight one book that I have found while prowling the shelves of the independent bookstore I work at it. These books aren't necessarily YA books; they're books that  have discovered and find interesting or unique. I hope you do too.

Today's book, The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst, was first discovered while processing a new order from our distributor. This is one of those jobs that can be a little bit tedious because of the lengthy process of counting books, putting them into the system, and then tagging and shelving, but I really enjoy it because it's a great way to see what's new and keep up with what's in stock.

I liked the title and cover, and then I read the summary and was VERY intrigued. Here's what it says:
"Bestselling novelist Octavia Frost has just completed her latest book, a revolutionary novel in which she has rewritten the last chapters of all her previous books and removed clues about her personal life concealed within, especially the horrific tragedy that once befell her family. 
But on her way to deliver the manuscript to her editor, Octavia learns that her estranged son, Milo, a famous musician, has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend. Did she drive her son to violence? Did Milo murder anyone at all? And what exactly happened all those years ago? As the novel builds to a stunning reveal, Octavia must consider how this story will come to a close."
I like the idea of a novelist removing bits and pieces of themselves from the books they write...it actually reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Shadow of the Wind. What do you think? Sound interesting to you? I will have to pick it up during some downtime one of these days.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, very interesting! & such a pretty cover. I'll have to see if we've got a copy at my store. :)

The book girl said...

Whoa, sounds very unique. That summary really grabs you!

By the way, I really love this feature! It's nice to see what other books are out there besides YA!