The Compulsive Reader: The Chronicles of Harris Burdick

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Chronicles of Harris Burdick

When Chris Van Allsburg came out with The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, he intrigued all who read it and inspired countless readers to imagine and create magical stories. While we'll probably never know much more about the "original" Burdick stories, this lovely book is a fun glimpse into the minds of many famous authors as they imagine what the pictures might mean, and how the captions play into the story.

This book is lovely--they quality of the paper, binding, and illustrations is superb, and it contains all of the original artwork, captions, and even the original introduction from Chris Van Allsburg. It's like an enhanced version of the original with a new and charming introduction from Lemony Snicket, fun and fascinating stories, and author biographies. I especially loved "The Seven Chairs" and Stephen King's finale piece--both are memorable and fun, but totally different from what I had imagined in my head.

And perhaps that's the best part about this book--you get more than a collection of good stories when you read it. You get a little glimpse into the minds of these fourteen amazing authors. Every person who has ever read The Mysteries of Harris Burdick instantly forms an idea, vague or concrete, about the circumstances surrounding the pictures. Reading these stories is a mere extension of them, another glimpse at their many lives. I would gladly welcome a second volume!


Anonymous said...

I love these sort of books! They're usually very interesting reads.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I am such a sucker for fancy binding and quality paper in books. I've bought books just because they feel good in my hands! But this sounds like a really good read too.

- Farah @ Broken Penguins