The Compulsive Reader: Cover Talk: A(nother) New Look for the Curseworkers Trilogy

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cover Talk: A(nother) New Look for the Curseworkers Trilogy

I am a huge fan of Holly Black's Curseworkers books. They're really innovative and different, and the world in which they are set is AWESOME. (Did I mention that I met Holly at a conference in November? It was awesome! She gave an awesome talk about creating worlds and writing. That's me with her afterwards!)

One thing I really like about the covers is that they are very noir and they take a tired red, black, and white color scheme and really make it dark and fun. I especially love the cover of White Cat because it's one I've witnessed both guys and girls pick up.

The fact that publishers often revamp covers of series is something that has always frustrated my complex about having matching covers, but it is something that I've almost come to expect. So I wasn't surprised to see that the Curseworkers books got a cover lift (it's already happened once), but I was surprised to see just how different these new covers are.


Note that the first version of Black Heart won't be printed. 

I like the use of color in the new covers--very nice. And they continued a theme with Cassel on one cover, Lila on another, and both on the final cover. And I do really like the design--it's very unique and very fun. It demands to be looked at.

My only issue with them is I'm unsure of how well they really fit the books and whether or not a guy will be as likely to pick up the first book. The first covers went along with the content a lot better. And...is it just me, or does the new White Cat cover seem too suggestive of the twist in the book?

What do you think of the cover change?


Alexa S. said...

The older covers are more gender-neutral to me, and as you've mentioned, it's much more likely to appeal to both guys and girls. I actually feel like the new covers are a bit more... feminine in appeal. They are really pretty though!

Tynga said...

I really hate the new covers to be honest and I mentionned it on my review of Black Heart (which will be posted tomorrow). The original covers really fit with the book and the story whereas the new covers are just generic and meaningless if you ask me. Really sad =/

Lauren said...

I've already ranted about this on another blog, so I'll keep it short: As beautiful as the new covers are, they don't fit Cassel's story. They don't fit his voice. The old ones did, and as you said, the old ones also appeal to both genders (when very few covers these days seem to do so). I honestly don't understand why they designed and released an (awesome) cover image for Black Heart and then completely changed things up! When I get I copy of Black Heart, I'm seriously tempted to print out the old-styled-version and paste it onto the new cover :P

And yes. Although I guessed the spoiler early into White Cat, the cover makes it even more obvious.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the new covers, I thought the previous ones were so original and cool.

Plus, I hate when they change the cover and it doesn't match the previous onesÂȘ

LoriStrongin said...

Have to admit, I'm not a fan of the new covers. They don't tell anything about the stories and while pretty, they seem more style than substance.


Passionate Bookworm said...

I have to admit, I haven't read the books, ( want to! Just haven't gotten around to it ) that being said, the new covers draw me in more and really make me want to pick it up even sooner! The colors and design are just well... eyecatching and wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)