The Compulsive Reader: Q&A 4

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Q&A 4

Here are a few more questions from the inbox!

Q: (Referring to Best Books of 2011)

A: Yep! Here is the list for 2010, and here is the list for 2008. I don't know what I was doing in 2009--obviously I was slacking off.


A: I spend way too much time looking at books on Amazon.com, that's how. 

Mostly I'll stumble upon a book that's priced way lower than it normally is, and then there will be links to other similarly prices items on that page. Or sometimes I'll get an email directly from amazon about special deals they're having. Then I just poke around until I've compiled a list and I then I share with you all on here and on Twitter!


A: 120.

Q: What books did you read in 2011? Could you please list them?

A: Here you go, if you can read my handwriting:


A: I actually didn't get any...I have too many to read already! But I did get the latest version of Jane Eyre on DVD, and a cool t-shirt that says Lowood Institue, which is pretty awesome!

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