The Compulsive Reader: 5 Questions

Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Questions

A: Uh...like...too many? Honestly, I lost track about 3 years ago. But...probably 2,000-ish. I used to have a real problem with getting rid of books, but I'm working on it. A TON have gone to libraries in the past two years, which makes it easier to let go. The fact that I have a hard time accepting is that I will never have enough time read everything, but I like to keep deluding myself.

A: Never. Okay, not never. But only when I'm desperate.

A: No clue. No, I'm completely seriously. I have no idea how that works, and even if I did, I suspect the policies vary from publishing house to publishing house. No one has ever divulged to me why they send me books. They just kind of appear and I'm left scratching my head, wondering how on earth my address was even gotten.

So I guess the only way is to just blog and blog and read and blog some more. I truly believe that if you are passionate about the books, creative in your approach to blogging, and continually do all you can to support YA authors and their books, people will notice. But getting on mailing lists shouldn't be your goal. It doesn't really matter who reads what first. Eventually the book will come out and you can get it at the store/library.

A; I don't respond to such comments unless there has been some kind of misunderstanding to precipitate such a response, and then my reaction is limited to clarification. In an ideal world, everyone would be respectful and nice, even if they didn't like something, and everyone would respect each each other. I don't live in an ideal world, but this is my corner of the internet, so that's what I roll with.

A: No, I did not! I will look it up. Though I defy anyone to play Maxim as well as Laurence Olivier.

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Addie R. said...

There's been a lot of books I would like an ARC for lately from the same publisher. Is it okay to send seperate e-mails for an ARC request back to back, or should I just stick with one book to ask for and then wait awhile for another?

The Compulsive Reader said...

Addie: I guess I wouldn't send individual requests because those emails can build up and clog an inbox. If it were me, I'd stick with one or two that I can get to immediately and that I really want, send a written request with why you want to read and blog about the book, site statistics, any other pertinent info (such as review links to prequels, or instances in which you've worked with the publisher in the past), and my address. Then, wait and see!

Lauren said...

I would sooner use a blade of grass/knitting needle/equally inappropriate object as a bookmark than dogear the page!

Lib said...

Any thoughts on the cover of Reached by Condie?