The Compulsive Reader: Gift

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It seems like super enhanced e-books are becoming something that are popping up a bit more lately. While I wasn't totally enamored with Chopsticks, Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan is a new one that is coming out soon and it seems interesting. Here's a Youtube video showcasing its features:

 Seems kinda neat...but it also seems like something you'd need an iPad, Kindle Fire, or Nook tablet in order to fully enjoy on the go (i.e. without a computer). How many of you guys own a tablet device?

I don't mean to knock anything or sound like I'm stuck in my ways, but I just love books because they're books. These enhanced e-books are fun as far as Cathy's Book was fun (I really enjoyed it, it was like a great big puzzle), but ultimately, it made me a little weary of keeping track of everything going on. I think nothing beats a good book.

Anyway, we shall see what this one looks like! I am eager to see how it'll pan out despite my reservations!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I actually like books because they are books too!
I don't mind the enhancements sometimes but it's not something I look forward or that I think much about.

Anonymous said...

The trailer seemed to drag and was confusing
Pass for me since e-books are not my thing

Leah @ The Pretty Good Gatsby said...

I have a NookColor and love it to pieces. That said, I work in a used bookstore and definitely love having a real book in my hands. :)

Personally, I think these new 'enhanced' e-books are ridiculous and couldn't picture myself reading one specifically for the added features.