The Compulsive Reader: Shelf Discovery: The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shelf Discovery: The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

Shelf Discovery is a feature in which I highlight one book that I have found while prowling the shelves of the independent bookstore I work at it. These books aren't necessarily YA books; they're books that have discovered and find interesting or unique. I hope you do too.

The Winter Ghosts is a relatively new paperback that came through our door a couple of weeks ago. I loved the title, and when I read what this one is about, I was very intrigued! Check it out: 
"World War I robbed England and France of an entire generation of friends, lovers and futures. In Freddie Watson's case, the battlefields took his beloved brother and, at times, his peace of mind. In the winter of 1928, still seeking some kind of resolution, Freddie is travelling through the beautiful but forbidding French Pyrenees. During a snowstorm, his car spins off the mountain road. Freezing and dazed, he stumbles through the woods, emerging in a tiny village, where he finds an inn to wait out the blizzard. There he meets Fabrissa, a lovely young woman also mourning a lost generation. Over the course of one night, Fabrissa and Freddie share their stories. 
By the time dawn breaks, Freddie will have unearthed a tragic mystery that goes back through the centuries, and discovered his own role in the life of this old remote town. 
By turns thrilling, poignant, and haunting, this is a story of two lives touched by war and transformed by courage."
I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and this one sounds very interesting...what do you think?

What have you discovered lately?

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Mary Preston said...

THE WINTER GHOSTS looks amazing. I have added it to my wish list.