The Compulsive Reader: Class of 2k12: Eve Marie Mont and A Breath of Eyre

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Class of 2k12: Eve Marie Mont and A Breath of Eyre

The Class of 2k12 is a group of YA and MG authors making their debuts in 2012! I was lucky enough to ask most of them two questions about their debut novels.

About A Breath of Eyre:

Emma Townsend is a scholarship student at an exclusive all-girls prep school, but she’s never really fit in. She finds solace in the novels she reads in which the heroes are always brooding and handsome, and the heroines are always charming and beautiful. On a fateful Halloween day, Emma has a run-in with the resident alpha girl and an embarrassing encounter with her childhood crush. Humiliated, she wishes she could just disappear. Fate steps in to help. Transported during a lightning storm, Emma finds herself living in the world of Jane Eyre, working as a governess for the mysterious Mr. Rochester, and falling in love for the first time until she discovers a terrible secret that makes it impossible for her to stay. As she travels back and forth between worlds, torn between two different identities and lives, Emma struggles to find her place, her voice, and ultimately her own destiny.
What was the hardest part about writing your book? What was the easiest?

"Much of the conflict of the novel derives from the question of whether Emma has free will while she’s living in the world of Jane Eyre. Will she “lose herself” entirely by surrendering to her fictional world, or can she change not only the novel but her own destiny? The hardest part of writing the book was striking this balance. I wanted Emma to become Jane but still maintain her own identity so she could call upon it when the time came.
 And I don’t know if it was the easiest part to write, but the kissing scenes were definitely the most fun. ;)"

Thanks so much to Eve for stopping by! Be sure to look for A Breath of Eyre, out now! And find Eve on the web:

Website: http://evemariemont.com/
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Blog: http://evemariemont.blogspot.com/
GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3517421.Eve_Marie_Mont

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Mary Preston said...

Very interesting thank you. I already have A BREATH OF EYRE on my wish list.