The Compulsive Reader: Looking Ahead: Something Strange and Deadly and Susan Dennard

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking Ahead: Something Strange and Deadly and Susan Dennard

Looking Ahead is a feature in which new upcoming books and their authors are featured! Take a minute to read the interview, get to know them, read about their book(s), and find them on the internet!

Susan Dennard is the author of Something Strange and Deadly

TCR: How would you describe your book in ten words or less?

SD: Something Strange and Deadly is about zombies and necromancy in 1876 Philadelphia! (Okay, it's 12 words--sorry!)

TCR: What's the best thing about being a published author so far?

SD: Honestly, the best thing so far has been receiving fan mail and my very first fan art! Not everyone will love your book, but knowing that at least a few people do is the most amazing feeling ever!

TCR: What do you think makes a good YA cover?

SD: Personally, I'm attracted to iconic covers--like the HUNGER GAMES. Simple, clean symbols catch my every time! Right now, I'm totally lusting after Marie Lu's PRODIGY cover (http://books.usatoday.com/bookbuzz/post/2012-05-03/exclusive-cover-reveal-and-excerpt-prodigy-by-marie-lu/686517/1)

TCR: Where can we stay up to date on your and your book?

SD: Well, right now, the best place is my personal website (http://susandennard.com), but the official book website will be releasing very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement! ;)

Thanks so much, Susan! Something Strange and Deadly will be out on July 24th, 2012!


Jessica said...

Ooh, this one sounds interesting and I'd never seen anything on it before! Great interview.

Addie R. said...

Great interview! I've been craving this book for forever! Can't wait to read it!

Mary Preston said...

I love the title, the cover & the subject matter does fascinate.