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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once by Anna Carey Blog Tour!

Hello all,

Today I have a review of Once, the second book in the Eve trilogy, and an interview with author Anna Carey! You can read my review of Eve here. First up, all about Once:

Eve thought that she'd finally be safe and happy in Califia...only to find that it's a female-only refuge and seeking shelter means leaving Caleb behind at the gates. Trying to start a new life without him is almost unbearable, but when she finds out that she's not as safe as she originally thought, Eve flee Califia...only to stumble right into the king's trap. Eve quickly learns the shocking true reason behind the king's determination to bring her to the City of Sand—a revelation that will change her life forever.

This sequel to Eve is fast-paced and highly plot-driven. It'll grab your attention right away, picking up only a few weeks after Eve leaves off. Carey does an excellent job at expanding this dystopian world, bringing both Califia and the City of Sand to life. They two settings are nice contrasts to the rigid school and dangerous wilderness that are the settings of the first novel, and help make Once a very different novel from Eve. Carey drops a handful of surprising twists throughout the book that radically change Eve's life as she attempts to prove herself to the resistance fighters, and help build suspense. Many favorite characters also return as Eve find that sometimes, in order to save the ones you love, you have to make painful sacrifices. Carey leaves readers hanging with another shocking, abrupt end, and it's anyone guess as to where she'll go next in book three.

Cover Comments: I like the tunnel and the pink and purple colors of the cover! It's pretty and mysterious, and sort of symbolic to Eve's struggles in the book.

And here's Anna!

TCR: Was writing Once different from writing Eve? If so, how?

AC: Each book is a completely different experience, which is the most exciting and terrifying thing about writing. So much of Once was about building the King’s world, and exploring this City where survivors of the plague have sought refuge. It was fun to build on the more established relationships (like the bond between Arden and Eve, or Eve and Caleb) and explore how they grow and evolve. I didn’t have to create something from nothing, though new characters will be introduced (as well as a completely new world).

TCR: Did you plot out the entire trilogy before sitting down to write? If so, was sticking to the outline ever hard?

AC: I had a general sense of what each book would be about and for the most part, that has remained the same. Before I start writing I create an outline detailing what will happen chapter by chapter. I didn’t begin the outline for the second book until I completed the first, and so on. In general, the outline is just a roadmap for the first draft. The book changes dramatically in revisions. It becomes a jigsaw puzzle of sorts, and I work with my editor to decide which sections need to be fleshed out, which sections can be cut, and which storylines need to be changed. By the time I’m diving into the first revision, I’ve usually forgotten all about that original outline.

TCR: What were your thoughts when you first saw your cover?

AC: It’s a striking image. The imagery will become more apparent once you read the book. The deep purple against the white font is gorgeous, and as always, the booklooks even better in person. The metallic sheen on the jacket adds so much.

TCR: Are there any YA books you've loved lately that you'd like to recommend to readers?

AC: I recently finished Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I was impressed at how deftly he handled the subject matter. It manages to deal with a heavy topic—teen suicide—without feeling melodramatic.

Thanks so much, Anna!

Be sure to pick up Once when it hits stores next week, on July 3rd! And Eve will be out in paperback then as well!

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ONCE does look interesting. The cover is wonderful.