The Compulsive Reader: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

Gene has spent his entire life blending in, pretending to be a vampire. To expose himself as a human would mean an immediate and bloody death. But maintaining his disguise takes everything he has—to the point where he almost doesn't even think of himself as human anymore. But when the traditional Heper Hunt is announced and Gene is one of the lucky chosen ones to hunt a group of the last humans alive, he knows that this could blow his cover. He strives to get out of it, even as he gets dangerously close to fellow hunter Ashley June and strikes up an unusual alliance with the humans he's supposed to hunt. These relationships will reveal long-hidden secrets that will change Gene's life forever.

The Hunt is a very different and dark read. The vampires of Fukuda's story aren't the sexy, sparkly vampires of most mainstream vampire literature—they're curious, unique beings with emotions, bodily functions, and quirks that are completely different from a human being’s. These strange characteristics make them even less human-like and more alien, menacing, and dangerous creatures. Gene walks a fine and dangerous line in trying to blend in with the vampires, and the politics, plots, and buried secrets that he gets sucked into are interesting. He doesn't fully understand what is going on around him, but with the help of Ashley June and the other humans, he learns what it means to be human, and that there comes a time to stop hiding because there are things in life worth fighting for. There is plenty of suspense, action, and blood and gore throughout the book, and a surprising twist and cliffhanger ending will leave readers wondering what will happen in the next book. Fukuda has written a very different, very dark read that is tense and harrowing.

Cover Comments: I like the colors of this cover! The way the cover has the ripped effect, and the silhouettes in motion at the bottom of the cover are very dark and menacing. This cover represents the book beautifully!

Review copy purchased.

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