The Compulsive Reader: Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Calder White is the reluctant member of a family of vengeful mermaids living in the cold, deep waters of Lake Superior. For years his sisters have been trying to track down and kill Jason Hancock, whom they blame for the death of their mother years earlier. When the Hancock family moves back to the lakeshore, Calder's sisters see their chance. His part in their plan for revenge is simple: get close to Jason's daughter Lily and earn the Hancocks' trust. If Calder does this, he can earn his freedom from his sisters...but how can he follow through with the plan when Lily is getting increasingly curious about the stories of lake monsters?

Lies Beneath is full of equal parts gut wrenching emotion and dangerous action. Calder is a great narrator, with chilling honesty and a constant, earnest struggle to do what's right and fight against his nature to live on his own terms. The settings—both underwater and on land—are great in this novel. Lake Superior is the perfect chilly and mysterious lake setting, and Brown does a wonderful job at building the mermaid world and legends without weighing down the narrative with lengthy explanations. In Calder's clear and straightforward voice, the story flows nicely. Lily is an interesting counterpart to Calder—she's tough and acts like she doesn't care, but she has her soft spots and vulnerabilities. The growing romance between her and Calder is sweet, and the threats they face in Calder's sisters, especially from dangerous Maris, are very real. There is a simple yet unexpected twist at the very end of the book that changes how readers will view the characters and leave them wondering what will happen next for Calder and Lily. Luckily an answer will come in Deep Betrayal, where the story continues in Lily's point of view.

Cover Comments: Interesting that there is a female on the cover--perhaps one of Calder's sisters? It's pretty but perhaps not precisely fitting. Nonetheless, I love the blues of the cover with the bit of red and the font that the title is in. Very nice.

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Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I've had a review copy of this one for a while now. I think having the mermaid on the cover is what has me putting it aside each time I see it. While I loved Of Posideon, I can't bring myself to read about mermaids!

I'm enticed to hear it's from a boy's point of view though. And like you mentioned, having a girl on the cover is odd.

I'll have to bump this one up. I like twisted near the end so that's good to know!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

OK, I read this one and just now noticed the girl on the cover. I think because I took the book jacket off when I read it. I liked having it narrated by Calder-I thought it made it stand out a bit more in a crowded sea (haha!) of paranormal.