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Friday, September 14, 2012

Origin Blog Tour: Annotating Origin with Jessica Khoury

 Welcome to the final stop on the Origin blog tour! To celebrate the release of her first novel, Origin, Jessica Khoury has been touring the blogosphere, introducing passages from the novel and telling readers a little bit more about the thought process behind them, which I think is an awesome idea. 

Though this is the final stop, our excerpt is from the very beginning. Here's the opening to Origin!
"I’m told that the day I was born, Uncle Paolo held me against his white lab coat and whispered “She is perfect.” Sixteen years later, they’re still repeating the word. Every day I hear it, from the scientists or the guards, from my mother or from my Aunt Brigid. 
They say other things too. That there are no others like me, at least not yet. That I am the pinnacle of mankind, a goddess born of mortal flesh. You are immortal, Pia, and you are perfect, they say. (Origin, page 1)."
What a great opening! And here is what Jessica has to say about it:
"There are dozens of stories about immortality, but Origin is unique is several ways. For one, it’s both unique and classic in that it’s set in the jungle. Classic, because there are actual legends dating back to the first Spanish and Portuguese expeditions into South America which speak of plants in the jungle that extend human life, even to the point of immortality. I thought these were fascinating, since I only discovered them after I began writing Origin. The story is unique, however, in that it’s taken from a science fiction angle, whereas most current immortality stories are paranormal or fantasy. In this case, it isn’t vampires or wizards or pirates seeking everlasting life, but scientists. And for Pia, instead of becoming a prize to be sought and won, immortality becomes a burden, something holding her back from the ones she loves. 
So many stories uphold immortality as the ultimate prize, but in Origin I want to look at it another way: is it truly so desirable? How much life is too much? And just how much are you willing to sacrifice for an eternity in this world? These are all questions that Pia faces, and questions I hope readers will ask themselves. Because we all have something we’re trying to achieve, whether it’s fame or fortune or success or a certain relationship or a certain lifestyle. And we must ask ourselves the same questions Pia must ask herself: sooner or later and sometimes more than once, we each come to a place of sacrifice. The question we must ask is, will we make that sacrifice for ourselves—or for others?"
Thanks so much, Jessica!

Origin is out now, so go get your copy today! Also, check out the trailer and these fun links, which contain a longer excerpt!

Jessica on the web:
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