The Compulsive Reader: A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan

Farrah "Digit" Higgins is a math genius, but being so smart isn't exactly advantageous to a social life in high school, so she's gotten really good at hiding her abilities to better fit in with her friends. When she unwittingly cracks a terrorist cell code broadcasted during the latest episode of the TV show her friends love, Farrah is suddenly in a lot of danger. Forced into FBI protective custody and guarded by the very attractive and young agent John Bennett, Farrah isn't content to sit by idly. But she might have underestimated just how dangerous these terrorists are.

Annabel Monaghan's first young adult novel is fun and intelligent and will keep readers guessing. Her humor is quick and sarcastic, and the book is a lot of fun without being unbelievable. Farrah and John are an entertaining and dynamic duo. Farrah is not the conventional seventeen-almost-eighteen-year-old; her sense of humor is quirky and while intelligent, she is pretty down to earth and doesn't have an inflated sense of ego when it comes to her talents. John is just as intelligent, a little mysterious, and ambitious. His age and his abilities aren't completely unrealistic, and the romantic tension between the two amplify the suspense and steady stream of action. Their enemies are appropriately intimidating and powerful, and Monaghan has some interesting twists thrown in throughout the novel. A Girl Called Digit does resemble Ally Carter's books in its plot and romance, but Monaghan's clever use of language and humor makes this book stand out.

Cover Comments: I really like the bright blue of the background, but otherwise I am not too crazy about this cover. It's not very remarkable, and it gives the impression that it'll be about a character younger than seventeen.

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Anonymous said...

I remember this book! I so wanted to read it. I love the idea of a girl hacker! and all! I like the adventure that it hints at.

:D and I like the cover too :D