The Compulsive Reader: Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Color of Rain by Cori McCarthy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exclusive Cover Reveal: The Color of Rain by Cori McCarthy

I met Cori McCarthy at my local coffee shop this past July and it has been so much fun talking to her about YA and writing and her new book, The Color of Rain! The Color of Rain will be out next May and I am thrilled to be able to reveal the cover today!

Isn't is gorgeous? I love the view of space in the background, and the font is fantastic--a little edgy and very appropriate for the story! What do you think? Read on to learn more... 
"If there is one thing that seventeen-year-old Rain knows and knows well, it is survival. Caring for her little brother, Walker, who is "Touched," and losing the rest of her family to the same disease, Rain has long had to fend for herself on the bleak, dangerous streets of Earth City. When she looks to the stars, Rain sees escape and the only possible cure for Walker. And when a darkly handsome and mysterious captain named Johnny offers her passage to the Edge, Rain immediately boards his spaceship. Her only price: her "willingness." 
The Void cloaks many secrets, and Rain quickly discovers that Johnny's ship serves as host for an underground slave trade for the Touched . . . and a prostitution ring for Johnny's girls. With hair as red as the bracelet that indicates her status on the ship, the feeling of being a marked target is not helpful in Rain's quest to escape. Even worse, Rain is unsure if she will be able to pay the costs of love, family, hope, and self-preservation."
I am so excited for this book! If you're a fan of YA, science fiction, or the new "new adult" genre, this will be a book for you!

Check out Cori's website: http://www.corimccarthy.com/
Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoriMcCarthy
Like her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorcorimccarthy

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Anonymous said...

The cover looks really cool, almost like a comic book's.

And the story sounds great :D

LinWash said...

Great cover!

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J.R. Johansson said...

This story sounds great! Congrats on a very cool cover, Cori! :)