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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sony Readers Book Club

Hey lovely readers,

I hope everyone on the east side of the country is staying safe from the storm! Even in west Michigan we can feel the effects of Sandy--the wind here is fierce and it's been sleeting all morning.

In happier news, if you are a fan of e-reading and love social media, then you should definitely check out this cool contest I just heard about. Sony is launching a Virtual Sony Readers Book Club, and they're looking for 25 VIP members to receive a free e-reader, the first four books that the book club will read, and a trip to LA to meet Michael Connelly! Even if you aren't chosen to be a VIP member, you can still access exclusive content and participate in all of the chats!

The deadline is Thursday, November 1st, but the application shouldn't take too long to fill out! Check out all of the details here!

Happy reading!

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