The Compulsive Reader: Cinder Paperback + Blog News

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cinder Paperback + Blog News

Earlier this year, I reviewed Marissa Meyer's debut book, Cinder! It's a fun, futuristic twist on the Cinderella story, with cyborgs, intergalactic politics, and secret identities, and it was a great mix of sci-fi and classic fairy tales. You should definitely pick it up, and if you need extra convincing, click here to read my review and learn more about the book! The next book in the four-book series, Scarlet, will be out in February.

Cinder is also being released on January 8th, 2013 in paperback, and there will be some cool new bonus features (extra incentive to pick this one up!):

-Special bonus story, entitled "Glitches"

-Q&A with author Marissa Meyer

-Reader’s Guide

-Sneak peek of Scarlet

PLUS...a blogger thank you page! And my blog is featured! Can you spot my blog name?

I love talking about books that I enjoy reading, and this was a lovely surprise. It may seem cyclical to respond to this with yet another thank you, but thank you to Marissa Meyer and Macmillan for the shout out and for producing such awesome books that capture our imaginations and spark conversations. This is what I love about YA--the community! 

So go forth, read this book, and spread the YA love!


Ayana Ahmad said...

I lovee Cinder! :D I think it's one of my favourite read for this year. :) I can't wait for Scarlet! I already have the old version of the paperback so I think I may not pick the new version one. ;(

BookChic said...

That's so cool about the blogger thank you page, but unfortunately, I'm not on it. :( Unless I missed it; there are a lot of names. I loved Cinder, got to meet Marissa on her tour, and cannot wait for Scarlet. I've got the ARC in my TBR pile.