The Compulsive Reader: Looking Ahead: Jacquelyn Mitchard and What We Saw at Night

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Looking Ahead: Jacquelyn Mitchard and What We Saw at Night

Looking Ahead is a feature in which new upcoming books and their authors are featured! Take a minute to read the interview, get to know them, read about their book(s), and find them on the internet!
Today I have Jacquelyn Mitchard and her book What We Saw at Night, one of the first books to be published by Soho Teen!

TCR: How would you describe your book in ten words or less?

JM: Terror stalks three friends who must live only by night.

TCR: What was your reaction when you first saw your cover?

JM: Of all the books I've written, the cover of WHAT WE SAW AT NIGHT was the only one of them I knew right then was slam-dunk perfect -- moody, stark, seductive in every detail.

TCR: What's the best way for readers to stay up to date on you and your books?

JM: "Like" me on Facebook (Jackie Mitchard, not "Jacquelyn"), and visit my website, www.jackiemitchard.com, or see what I have to tweet about on Twitter, under Jacquelyn Mitchard. Also read my essays online at More Magazine and Redroom.

Thanks, Jacquelyn! If you want to know more about What We Saw at Night, read on!
"Like the yearning, doomed young clones in Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, three teenagers with XP (a life-threatening allergy to sunlight) are a species unto themselves. As seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Allie Kim, they roam the silent streets, looking for adventure, while others sleep. When Allie's best friend introduces the trio to Parkour, the stunt-sport of running and climbing off forest cliffs and tall buildings (risky in daylight and potentially deadly by darkness), they feel truly alive, equal to the "daytimers." 
On a random summer night, while scaling a building like any other, the three happen to peer into an empty apartment and glimpse an older man with what looks like a dead girl. A game of cat-and-mouse ensues that escalates through the underground world of hospital confinement, off-the-grid sports, and forbidden love. Allie, who can never see the light of day, discovers she's the lone key to stopping a human monster."
Stay tuned for more from Jacquelyn and for my review! This book will be out on January 8th, 2013!

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