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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Quest Continues: Falling Kingdoms Blog Tour!

Welcome to the Falling Kingdoms Quest blog tour! Hidden in each tour stop is the answer to a Falling Kingdoms trivia question. Email the answer to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.com with Falling Kingdoms Blog Tour in the subject line for the chance to win one of FIVE hardcover copies of Falling Kingdoms! The more questions you answer, the better chance you have to win! 

QUESTion: What is the secret Lucia is hiding? [Email the answer, found somewhere below, to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.com for the chance to win one of five hardcover copies of Falling Kingdoms!]

Excerpt: “Lucia didn’t mind. She loved this kingdom, even with the expectations and difficulties that inevitably came from being a Damora. And she loved her books and her classes, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. She read everything she could get her hands on. Happily, the castle library was second to none. Information was a valuable gift to her – more precious than any gold or jewels, such as those given to her by some of her more ardent suitors.” – Chapter 8, FALLING KINGDOMS

From Morgan: Sixteen-year-old Lucia Eva Damora is the princess of Limeros. She is beautiful, poised, well behaved, and is a voracious reader and student with a desire to learn everything she can about the word, even beyond the borders of her own land. She doesn’t see the constant snow and ice of Limeros as a hardship, but rather as the beautiful, pristine landscape of the kingdom she loves. She has a very overprotective older brother, Prince Magnus, who has a tendency to scare away her suitors. He’s just lucky she adores him, because he can be a bit of a bully.

There is a secret prophecy about Lucia, one of a powerful supernatural ability that exists within her. The spark of magic she’s seen in herself has made her very secretive and anxious. To admit that she might be a witch who can harness elemental magic would be to sign her own death warrant. Her own father, King Gaius, has witches publicly burned at the stake or beheaded. To reveal the truth about herself would be to risk her own life, and the lives of those she loves.

Tomorrow, head over to Mundie Moms to find the answer to your next QUESTion, then email the answer to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.com for a chance to win a copy of Falling Kingdoms!

12.6 QUESTion, found somewhere in the Mundie Moms tour stop: Who is the heir to the Auranian throne?

Falling Kingdoms QUEST blog tour schedule:

Mon, 11/26 Good Choice Reading

Tues, 11/27 Romance Junkie Reviews

Wed, 11/28 Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

Thurs, 11/29 The Story Siren

Fri, 11/30 The Book Smugglers

Mon, 12/3 Night Owl Reviews

Tues, 12/4 Chapter by Chapter

Wed, 12/5 The Compulsive Reader

Thurs, 12/6 Mundie Moms

Fri, 12/7 Ticket to Anywhere

Mon, 12/10 The Perpetual Page Turner

Tues, 12/11 Bookalicious

Wed, 12/12 The Children’s Book Review

Thurs, 12/13 Literary Rambles

Fri, 12/14 Alice Marvels

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