The Compulsive Reader: Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Comfort Snowberger has grown up in a funeral home and considers herself pretty used to death. So when her great-uncle, and then her great-great-aunt pass away, she acts like it’s business as usual. But her little cousin Peach won’t stop sobbing and wailing all the time, and Comfort does not have time for him. When a different sort of tragedy strikes, Comfort will learn the depth of her own strength, and the strength of her family around her.

Each Little Bird That Sings is a beautiful story about a girl caught between childhood and becoming a teenager, and all of pain and little triumphs that exist in that in-between state. The storytelling is quirky, full of spunk, and a lot of fun as Wiles introduces the eccentric members of the Snowberger family and reveals their history through newspaper announcements written by Comfort. As Comfort and Peach struggle to get along, Comfort also deals with the feeling of being left behind by her best friend and how to deal with the grief and love she thought she had under control. Wiles concludes the books with a heartbreaker of an ending, but it is ultimately satisfying as Comfort comes out a stronger character, full of grace and love.

Cover Comments: I love the image on this cover--it looks exactly like how Comfort is described, and the scene depicted is pretty significant to the book. I also love the clouds in the background, and how the sunbeams are shining out behind them. Beautiful!

Book borrowed from a friend.

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LinWash said...

We talked about this one at VCFA. I haven't read it though. I'll add it to my list.