The Compulsive Reader: Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta

Monday, June 10, 2013

Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta

Cade has always been alone in the universe, save for her guitar and the noise in her head. When she plays, she can almost forget the cacophony and her intense loneliness. Then a stranger named Mr. Niven tells Cade that she has been entangled at a sub-atomic level with another boy, Xan, and Cade experiences a special sort of connection she never thought possible. Determined to save Xan from those who would harm them both, Cade sets out to find him, and discovers that true connection is something far more exhilarating than she ever imagined.

Amy Rose Capetta's debut novel is intensely smart—full of heart-stopping action, a wide cast of eccentric and lovable characters, and plenty of sneaky humor. Cade's universe is vividly drawn through a fantastic use of language, rhythm, and beat and populated with a wide array of imaginative characters—human and otherwise. Cade is resourceful and a quick thinker, but interacting with others is not her strong suit, and her growth is sometimes awkward, but rewarding and triumphant as Cade ultimately discovers her purpose in the vast universe. The action and mystery of the novel are drawn out well, and balanced with each characters' own pasts and motivations, and readers will care about Rennik, Lee, Ayumi, and their living ship Renna as much as they care for Cade. Capetta throws in a few twists that leave readers with a nicely unexpected conclusion, thrumming with life and a universe full of possibility for every member of the unlikely and entertaining crew.

Cover Comments: This cover has changed a little bit since I revealed it earlier this year, but I really, really like the changes. The blue is a really cool shade, and I love the little details of the stars and the guitar in the title. The way that everything seems to be sucked into a black hole is also awesome, seeing as black holes are definitely important to the story. It's very cool and science fiction-esque--great cover!

Entangled will be available October 1st, 2013. A sequel is forthcoming!

ARC provided by author.


LinWash said...

Man, I want this book RIGHT NOW! And wow. The cover has changed. I saw a different cover at Book Smugglers. But I'm not sure if that cover was a US or UK version.

San Antonio Local SEO said...

This is a great sci-fi novel that posits humans as second-class citizens of the universe! I especially like the lyrical style of writing and the strong female protagonist. I wish there was a better developed back story for some of the characters, but overall everything meshed together nicely, even the way some characters became entangled with each other. It's worth the read!