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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Truth AND Dare Blog Tour

Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green has been out for a couple of months, but just a few weeks ago I began to receive mysterious anonymous truth or dares...and it's all somehow related to this book. I'm sharing my truth AND dare today. Watch out, though. You might be next.

Dare: I dare you to share your favorite (non-spoilery) lines from Truth or Dare.

My favorite non-spoilery line from Truth or Dare is from early on the book. I love this paragraph for the imagery. The way the narrator compares the two very different actions is fun, and the metaphor is great.
"Sydney knew she was one of the last people on the planet who still shot nondigital photos. But she loved the process of developing. When she first started, it had reminded her of chasing butterflies with her dad: how she'd swing her net down with all her might, then hold her breath in the darkroom, too, until--whoosh--the photos burst to life in front of her, a shower of light and shadow, black and white. No computer could match that."
Truth: Which YA character do you want to slap some sense into?

Tough one! I tend to empathize intensely with the characters I read about, to the point where I am cringing and not wanting to read through scenes in which a character I love is being humiliated or does something spectacularly stupid. I loved, loved, loved Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, but there were moments while reading when I wanted to reach into the book, put my hands on Eleanor's shoulders, and just shake her. I wanted to tell her, "Park is a good one! Trust him!" 

However, in real life, it's rarely that simple. And the reader definitely got to know about Park before Eleanor did. Luckily for the readers (and my nerves), Eleanore sloooooooowly comes around.

To read more about Truth or Dare, click here!

How about you guys? Do you dare take the plunge and answer my truth and dare questions?

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