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Sunday, August 25, 2013

YA Movie Fun

This is going to be a cop-out, fangirl post in which I basically just squeal a lot about all of the amazing YA things happening in the world. Come fangirl with me...

So, who has seen the City of Bones movie yet? This week is the busiest week of the year at work for me, so I haven't had the chance to go (sob), but it is Officially on the Agenda. It might just be my reward for turning in my second packet of graduate work (Clary + Jace = good incentive, no?). I'm still thinking about the excellent clip I got to see at the City of Bones party at BEA earlier this summer. It gave me chills. I imagine the entire movie will blow me away.

 I'm also crazy excited about this teaser trailer from the Vampire Academy movie! I'm sort of hard to please when it comes to vampire books (my favorites are Sunshine by Robin McKinley and Richelle Mead's series), but I've always enjoyed Rose as a protagonist and I love the Bloodlines series. I was a little hesitant about the actress, but after seeing this trailer, I think she exudes Rose well. What do you think?

And of course, Divergent is definitely getting a lot of attention! That is 13 seconds of awesome right there!


I read How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff about five years ago, and it was so good. I think I remember hearing rumors about a movie being made, but then nothing until I saw this:

I think this trailer looks awesome, and I am very excited about the casting of Edmond. Sadly, I live in the middle of cornfields and lakes, where only movies like City of Bones or those raunchy R-rated comedies come to play in my theater, so I'll have to wait until this one is released on DVD. Or move. Whichever comes first.

And, my last bit of book-ish excitement--The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson comes out on Tuesday! It's the final book in the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy, and Carson's writing just keeps getting better and better! If you haven't read the series yet (and YOU SHOULD), go buy it now. And if you have read it, but like me are worried about remembering all of the amazing things that went on in books one and two, then check out this lovely recap on the Epic Reads blog.

And of course, my reviews:

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Crown of Embers

And finally, I leave you with an Anne of Green Gables stamp set. That's right. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES STAMP SET! You need this, you really do.


fishgirl182 said...

I saw city of bones last night and it wasn't bad. it wasn't awesome but it was pretty entertaining. and I love vs and am excited about tge movie. I hope its good. and Anne stamps? omg how awesome.

LinWash said...

Yes, by all means treat yourself! Though I don't have any more packets due, I plan to head to the theater. :-D

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen the trailer for how I live now either!! I like it!

Have you seen Looking for Alibrandi?
it's so 90's but I like watching it every once in a while

Anonymous said...

I saw City of Bones opening weekend!! It had great cinematography and lots of great romantic moments and action scenes...but it almost felt like they tried to cram the whole book into one movie at the expense of tying the scenes together. The segue from arriving at the Institute to going to meet the silent brothers is abupt, as is the transition from Magnus's party to the Hotel Du Mort. But for all my complaining, I still enjoyed it. The movie is almost never as good as the book anyway, right? Definitely worth seeing if you're a Mortal Instruments fan! :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. - That spam comment above mine is heeelarious. ;)