The Compulsive Reader: Nerdbait Guide to Graceling: Episode 1: Chicks with Swords!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nerdbait Guide to Graceling: Episode 1: Chicks with Swords!

If you like all things nerdy, be it fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, Shakespeare, fanfiction, cute nerdy boys, kickass girls, etc., etc., then you really need to know about NERDBAIT. Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose Capetta are the masterminds behind the vlog series Nerdbait Guide, and their first video is about one of my favorite fantasy books, Graceling, and, more specifically, chicks with swords. There are many swords. And there is sparring. Watch it. Love it. Nerd out.



LinWash said...

Oh, that's so hilarious!!!! I love it! And I just bought a throwing knife at the Renaissance Fair, so I'm totally wielding something!!!

The Compulsive Reader said...

That's my favorite line, "Go forth and wield something!"

Mighty Adamski said...

My college puts on a ren faire every year and they do stuff like that at everyone. Just add is a few swears :P

Anonymous said...

Yessssss. I am so into all things nerdy. And Graceling is the bomb.

Off to check out the link and get my nerd on!