The Compulsive Reader: Cover Reveal: Unmade by Amy Rose Capetta

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cover Reveal: Unmade by Amy Rose Capetta

Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta was one of my favorite books of 2013 (Space outlaws! Guitars! Girls who kick butt!) and I am so excited that the second book in this fun space duet is coming out at the end of the year. And today I am revealing the cover!

First, here's what Amy Rose has to say about the cover:
"This is my dream cover for UNMADE. It's the end of Cade's story and everything's about to collide, so I love that they incorporated Cade herself, the war she's caught in, and the central importance of her music. There is an immediate visual impact that I hope will stand out on the shelves--just how EPIC this cover is--but there are also beautiful details that will be noticeable to readers. And the "Rock on" in the corner? Cheeky AND badass! Scott Magoon (who designs for HMH and is an amazing picture book author) did a first-class job. I could not love it more."


Here it is!

I have to agree with Amy Rose on this cover--very badass and very awesome! I love how this cover is so active and, like the cover of Entangled, has a depth to the cover with some fun angles and awesome images. I can't wait to see this one in person!

More about Unmade:
"Cadence is in a race against time and space to save her family and friends from the Unmakers, who are tracking the last vestiges of humanity across the cosmos. As the epic battle begins, Cade learns that letting people in also means letting them go. The universe spins out of control and Cade alone must face the music in the page-turning conclusion to Entangled."
Hooray! Be sure to add the book to your wishlists or Goodreads shelves, visit Amy Rose's website for some more fun Entangled extras, and check out my review of Entangled if you haven't read it already!


LinWash said...

Oh man! Amy Rose hit the jackpot with that cover!

Robin Herrera said...


Janet Fox said...

This is GORGEOUS. Zowee.

Rachel Wilson said...

SO gorgeous!

The Compulsive Reader said...

Isn't it? I love how it all comes together and "matches" the Entangled cover while at the same time managing to look really unique!