The Compulsive Reader: Huntress by Malinda Lo

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Huntress by Malinda Lo

Kaede and Taisin’s fates are linked when they join with the crown prince on a journey to Tainili, the land of the fay, to discover why an endless winter has settled over their kingdom. Their journey is perilous, and as their travel companions begin to fall victim to the darkness that stalks them along the way, Kaede and Taisin must overcome their fears and learn to trust each other if they are to survive.

Huntress is a dark and atmospheric fantasy, beautifully written and carefully imagined. Lo draws the reader in immediately with Taisin’s puzzling visions of the future and holds a steady pace to the story as the group sets out on their journey. As the trip becomes more dangerous, Kaede and Taisin turn to each other to find strength to continue—facing demons, spirits, the deaths of their companions—and their increased trust draws out their romantic feelings for each other, while at the same time heightening the stakes of the novel. The romance is sweet and yet Lo never loses focus on the girls’ mission—to restore balance in their world. The ending for this fairy tale-like story is not exactly happily-ever-after, but like most great journey stories, it isn’t the destination that matters but how the characters got there.

Cover Comments: I love this cover; the colors match the darkness of the story, but the purple keeps the grey sky and snow from being too gloomy. The girl on the cover looks strong and very similar to how I pictured Kaede. Kudos to the art department at Little, Brown for not sticking a sword on this cover and calling it good.

Copy of book purchased.

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