The Compulsive Reader: Summer on the Short Bus by Bethany Crandell

Monday, March 31, 2014

Summer on the Short Bus by Bethany Crandell

Cricket has grown up in a rich, privileged bubble, so when her misbehavior pushes her father’s limits, he sends her to Camp I Can to be the counselor to a group of special-needs teenagers. Cricket is horrified once she realizes what has happened, and tries to find a way home, convinced that there’s nothing worth sticking around for—except maybe a certain cute fellow counselor. But as her attempts to leave are continually thwarted, Cricket discovers some surprisingly compelling reasons to stick it out.

Summer on the Short Bus is a zany, unpredictable novel that isn’t concerned with being politically correct or making a statement about how differently-abled people are treated, but realistically portrays Cricket’s emotional journey as she exposed to a very different world than the one she is used to. Cricket’s behavior and her thoughts are completely transparent to the reader through the first person narration, and her reactions to the campers are harsh but believable coming from someone who grew up the way she did. The characters and events of the novel believably bring about Cricket’s change of perspective, and Crandell’s subplot about Cricket’s family ties to the camp gives Cricket an extra motivation for character growth. Crandell’s heavy use of pop culture, banter, and humor fit seamlessly into the story, making Summer on the Short Bus as entertaining as it is heartfelt.

Cover Comments: I love this cover! I like the yellow and the the illustrations are fantastic, yet the title treatment does a good job at conveying that this is a YA book. Fantastic.

ARC borrowed from Cori McCarthy.

This book is out tomorrow!

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