The Compulsive Reader: Gasp by Lisa McMann

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gasp by Lisa McMann

This is the third book in the Visions series, sequel to Crash and Bang.

Jules and her boyfriend Sawyer successfully stopped the school shooting, but now they fear that they’ve passed on the visions to another saved victim. This time though, the victim is in denial about the visions, making their job increasingly difficult. With very little to go on and obstacles in every direction, Jules is no closer to preventing the next catastrophe—or discovering how she got these visions in the first place.

The third mystery in the Visions books is filled with even more complications and dead-ends than the first two, but Jules is persistent in the face of failure. McMann does a great job in grounding her characters’ lives in the mundane problems of real teenage life, and the obstacles of the novel arise in the logistics of how the teens can rescue a bunch of people without any resources or their parents catching on to what they are doing. Family life gets even more complicated for Jules and her siblings when their parents’ business and home is put in jeopardy, forcing them to finally confront their father’s mental illness. The romantic subplot between Jules and Sawyer is (as always) full of sexual tension and fraught with drama as the two face more than a few assaults on their happiness. The ending is hard-earned but McMann provides a more than satisfactory conclusion to the Visions trilogy in Gasp.

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