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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cover Talk: Two Girls Kissing

A few weeks ago, a blog post I wrote about how YA books with lesbian protagonists get some rather stereotypical (and LAME) cover treatments caused a bit of a stir. I called out all of the covers that portrayed characters holding hands--and there were a lot. Hand-holding covers are fine, but I wanted hot make-out covers for lesbian love stories too, like the covers of books with straight couples, or David Levithan's Two Boys Kissing. (David Levithan gets all of the cool things.)

But! The universe listens, my friends.

A few months ago (okay, a year ago), by friend Amy Rose handed me a book called All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarrt and told me to read it ASAP. I didn't. I am terrible and full of regret. It's still sitting on my shelf, although it's now at the top of my TBR stack. It's the first in a trilogy, and the third book, About a Girl, had its cover reveal over at MTV today.

All I can say is...


It's beyond thrilling to not only see greater LGBTQ representation in books and on covers, but look! Characters who aren't white! This cover wins on so many levels.

I trust that this will only be one of many diverse covers that we'll be seeing from now on. Also, want to support diversity and diverse authors? Give to the #WeNeedDiverseBooks indiegogo campaign!

About a Girl will be out in July. Which gives us pleeeeeenty of time read All Our Pretty Songs and Dirty Wings. Go get 'em.

About a Girl...definitely a hotter kiss than Two Boys Kissing*.

*Not that I'm like, biased or anything.

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