The Compulsive Reader: Let's Steal a Train: Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Steal a Train: Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger

I love, love, love Gail Carriger's books, and so it's to my great dismay that it took me so very long to read the third in the Finishing School novels, Waistcoats & Weaponry. Sophronia has spunk and a talent for getting herself into trouble, and I love her for it. In this third installment, she and Dimity concoct a plan to jump ship (so to speak) and escape from Finishing School to discover what it is that has terribly upset their friend Siddheag about her werewolf family.

They hijack a train with a few male companions in tow (Sophronia seems to have attracted the attention of two boys--how frustrating! She doesn't have time for their drama!) and they get themselves into a tad bit more trouble than they anticipate in an attempt to get Siddheag back to her pack. In order to get out of it, Sophronia will have to do some very quick thinking--but it comes at a hefty price.

Gail Carriger may be known for her lovably ridiculous characters and their outrageous antics, but what I really love about her books is the character growth. Her characters evolve as secrets are revealed and mysteries are investigated, and each book changes them in little ways, but they still stay true to the core of their characters. It's what made the Parasol Protectorate books so, so good and it's what makes her one of those authors I trust--I'll always buy her books, no questions asked.

This book is probably the most "serious" of the series (and I use that word liberally) because at the end, the consequences are much more dire than those in previous books. Sophronia gets in way over her head, and she has some impossibly difficult, life-or-death decisions to make. For once, she can't charm her way out of a pickle, and we see her take on responsibility for her actions. She grows up a little. In some ways, it's sad to read because her life is never going to be the same, but the story-lover in me is ridiculously delighted because I can't wait to see what happens to her next! And of course, there are manners and mayhem, and sweet first romance and many jokes.

Sadly, the next book will be the last. Manners & Mutiny is out in November, but you better believe it's already on my wishlist.

Book purchased from my indie.

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LinWash said...

I need to check out this series. I keep hearing about it!