The Compulsive Reader: COVER REVEAL: Charlotte Cuts it Out by K.A. Barson

Monday, June 15, 2015

COVER REVEAL: Charlotte Cuts it Out by K.A. Barson

K.A. Barson is the author of 45 Pounds (More or Less), which is a fantastic contemporary novel that you NEED to read. I've been beyond excited for Kelly's next book, Charlotte Cuts It Out, and I'm thrilled to be able to reveal the cover here!

About the book:
Lydia and I were in eighth grade when we came up with our Grand Plan to go to cosmetology school and get jobs to build our clientele while we earned business degrees. Then we’d open our own salon . . .

Now Charlotte and Lydia are juniors, in a Cosmetology Arts program where they’ll get on-the-job training and college credits at the same time. The Grand Plan is right on schedule. 
Which means it’s time for Step Two: Win the Winter Style Showcase, where Cos Arts and Fashion Design teams team up to dazzle the judges with their skills. 
Charlotte is sure that she and Lydia have it locked up—so sure, in fact, that she makes a life-changing bet with her mother, who wants her to give up cos for college.

And that’s when things start going off the rails.

As the clock ticks down to the night of the Showcase, Charlotte has her hands full. Design divas. Models who refuse to be styled. Unexpectedly stiff competition. And then, worst of all, Lydia—her BFF and Partner in Cos—turns out to have a slightly different Grand Plan . .

Like 45 Pounds (More or Less), K.A. Barson’s Charlotte Cuts it Out is a funny, relatable story set in the heart of the Midwest, just right for girls who have big dreams of their own.
Charlotte Cuts it Out will be available April 5th, 2016! Put it on your wish lists!

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LinWash said...

Wow!!! Love that cover and I love the premise!!!
I know a former teen (now in her early 20s) who was in a cosmetology program at her high school. So I'm glad to see a book about this.