The Compulsive Reader: The Great Harry Potter Re-Readathon 2016, Day 13

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Great Harry Potter Re-Readathon 2016, Day 13

Day 13, day 13 already. I think I'm pretty well on schedule still, although I've now entered into the hardcover behemoth territory of my adventure. I finished Prisoner of Azkaban in about a day, because I love it so. (Really, I just got to the last two-hundred pages and realized that there was no way I could put the book down at any point going forward, unless I reached the end. So I went to bed at 1 AM that night.) And of course, it was all I loved and remembered it to be. That book!

And now I am on Goblet of Fire! I'm about halfway through, and the going is a little slower because of work, and the fact that this book is also so much longer than its prequels. But I have to say--I'm impressed by the plotting so far. I'm remembering lots of little details that happen in the very beginning at the Quidditch World Cup that won't be explained or made clear until the end of the book, months later. And it's quite interesting to see how the hormones seem to suddenly switch on in this book...lots of crushes, stirrings, and some very funny, sneaky jokes. (Ron's comment about Uranus in Divination class made me snort my tea.)

On the darker side of things... This is the last book where Harry's thoughts aren't weighed so heavily down by Voldemort's return. He's still concerned, of course, and his scar does start hurting, but for the most part he's still concentrating on school and friends and his crushes. I've also noticed that he's not still not super vocal when it comes to voicing his opinion in front of Dumbledore or any other authority. I suppose if there is one thing that does bother me about Goblet of Fire thus far, it's the fact that when Harry is chosen for the Triwizard Tournament, he only says, "I didn't put my name in" and that's it. No protests about having to participate against his will, or the fact that he isn't qualified. When the whole school hates him, he doesn't even say, "But I didn't even want to do it!"

That bothers me, because it seems like an obvious thing to say, even if he did secretly want to compete. But maybe this is all a part of his character growth as he bottles things in and struggles with who to trust and how to deal with his emotions.

Other than that, the re-read has been perfectly delightful so far! More soon, once I finish Goblet of Fire!

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LinWash said...

Wow. You're really moving along!
Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite. So many people I know cite Goblet of Fire as their favorite because of the plot. Good point about Harry's reticence to say much about his innocence in the matter. Still, I appreciate how Rowling always puts Harry at odds with others.